How to use Uniscan

How to use Uniscan walkthrough writin for by AnonymousFigure

U can download unsican here --->

I will be using Kali Linux which comes with it pre-installed.

If u are using this in Linux or windows just open a command prompt and go to the location of the script and type perl ./


perl ./ -u -qweds

First open a terminal

Directoiry check

uniscan -u -q


File check

uniscan -u -w

Enable robotx.txt and sitemap.xml

uniscan -u -e

Dynamic check

uniscan -u -d

Static check

uniscan -u -s

Stress check 

uniscan -u -r

Web and Server fingerprint

uniscan -u -gj


-h help

-u <url> example:

-f <file> list of url's

-b Uniscan go to background

-q Enable Directory checks

-w Enable File checks

-e Enable robots.txt and sitemap.xml check

-d Enable Dynamic checks

-s Enable Static checks

-r Enable Stress checks

-i <dork> Bing search

-o <dork> Google search

-g Web fingerprint

-j Server fingerprint

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